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Dress Code Proper attire on our course is required at all times. Metal spikes are prohibited. Locker rooms are secured one hour after dark.


Rules of Play and Etiquette USGA Rules Govern All Play, except as modified by local rules. Pace of play for this course is 4 hours. Play Ready Golf. Let faster groups play through if you cannot keep up with the group in front of you. Player Assistants and the Golf Staff have full authority to maintain the rules and speed of play for everyone's enjoyment. Each operator of a golf cart must have a valid driver's license. 90 degree cart rule is in effect unless otherwise indicated on the day of play. Carts must remain on paths on all Par-3 holes as well as around tees and greens. Please fill divots with sand and seed mixture provided on the cart. Please rake bunkers and repair all ball marks on the green. Proper golf attire is required at all times. Metal golf spikes are prohibited.




Ways to Play without Delay on the Tee Play a realistic set of tees for your ability. Take two or three clubs with you to the tee. Have several players in your group watch errant shots carefully and line up the ball position so that it will be easier to find.

Through the Green Be committed to keeping pace with the group in front of you. Walk quickly - it's great exercise. Keep your time looking for lost balls to an absolute minimum. When using carts, drop off one player have him take two or three clubs and proceed to the next ball.

On the Green Please repair your ball mark and one other. Player whose ball is nearest to the pin should tend the flagstick. Look over your putt while others are putting. Be ready to putt when it's your turn. The first player to finish should be ready to replace the flagstick. Leave the green immediately and mark your scores on the next tee.

Let's all have fun and play in a timely manner!

Thank you,


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