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2023Shade Mountain Members will be required to pay a $15 fee for their Ghin Handicap.

Fee is due by May 15

2023 Non Members will be required to pay a $30 fee if they want a Ghin Handicap.


Tee Times are required Sunday thru Saturday



                                                   PLAY & RIDE              WALK

    Monday Senior Day                             $27.00 (55 and older)

    Monday thru Thursday                         $39.00                         $24.00

    Friday thru Sunday                              $47.00                          $32.00

    Twilight Rate 12-3 Fri-Sun                  $39.00 

                              3:00 To Close                    $32.00

    Twilight Rate 3:00 To Close Mon-Thur. $27.00



                                                 PLAY & RIDE             WALK

    Weekday                                              $22.00                            $13.00

    Weekend                                              $25.00                            $18.00


                      A Service charge of 3% will be applied to all credit card sales


                                                 PLAY & RIDE             WALK

    Members Carts                                    $16.00                          

    Cart Card                                             $160.00                       



   Single          $1030.00……………..$970.00/Cert. Holder

   Family         $1670.00……………$1595.00/Cert. Holder

   Youth          $150.00……………...$150.00/Cert. Holder

   Student        $400.00……………...$400.00/Cert. Holder



Middleburg Area Recreation Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 352  *  Middleburg, PA 17842

Phone (570) 837-2155


Middleburg Area Recreation Association

2023 Introductory Golf Membership Rates

Membership valid from April 1, 2023 thru March 31, 2024


  The Directors of Middleburg Area Recreation Association are announcing special introductory

memberships to Shade Mountain Golf Course. These special rates are applicable to individuals who

were not members during the 2021 or 2022 or, in the case of a family were no adult applicants were

member’s during 2021 or 2022. Payment must be made in full to take advantage of this special offer.

Individual Membership  -  $685.00

Family Membership    -    $1,220.00

Other discounts, such as certificate holder or early payment, are not applicable to the special rates.




          Membership Classification (check one):   Individual _______  Family _______


          Male _____     Female _____


          Name____________________     Phone ____________________


          Spouse: ___________________     Email: __________________


          Address: _____________________________________________


          Children using the golf facilities and for whom you wish a separate membership card:


          Name: ____________________     Age: _____     Birth Date: __________


          Name: ____________________     Age: _____     Birth Date: __________


          Name: ____________________     Age: _____     Birth Date: __________


          Please make checks payable to:

           Middleburg Area Recreation Association    P.0. Box 352     Middleburg, PA 17842


This form can be copied and pasted onto word and then printed onto a printer

‘This institution/facility is an equal opportunity provider’



Any child under the age of 12 may PLAY FOR FREE when accompanied by a paying adult riding a cart

Monday thru Thursday - Anytime, Friday thru Sunday and Holidays - After 2:00 p.m.


Tee times are required Friday thru Sunday until 2:00 p.m.


You can now post scores each time you play 9 holes, ask our Pro

Call our Pro Shop at (570) 837-2155 for Tee Time Reservations


Pro Shop Must Make Tee Times, and you must present your Membership Card at their course


Visit our

Birdies Nest Restaurant and Bar

If you're looking for a quick sandwich or a snack
The Birdies Nest Restaurant and Bar is the place for you.
Patrons at Shade Mountain enjoy a casual dining experience.

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